Zebra blinds are an essential style whim for fashionistas who love quirky details. Banned to the timidest and designed for those who dare even in terms of furnishings, the savage-flavoured drapes give a vibrant charm to the house’s walls.

Wood is the leitmotif of a room with an exotic flavour and large shelves with a massive look. Furnishings with an essential character, divorced from the superfluous concept, which interacts harmoniously with the whimsical personality of the knick-knacks purchased during the last stay in Madagascar. Wicker and rattan games meet the marked materiality of stone.

At the same time, pieces of fabric unearthed in the whirlwind of Zebra Blind’s markets are transformed into sophisticated furnishing sheets to be used with a pinch of imagination. Reverberating your passion for exotic taste is an indispensable pleasure when giving the home an extra touch of style.

Also, for the fashion addicted who love ethnic languages ​​mixed with glamorous accents, zebra blinds are certainly an excellent choice to reverberate in the spaces an attitude for everything that rhymes with trendy. A whim of style to be played with sensitivity in the corners of the house, the zebra blinds regulate the intensity of the light and are an excellent decorative element.

Versatile Design You Need

There is no doubt that everyone has their style. One factor we love about zebra blinds is their ability to fit nicely into various homes and styles.

Whether you choose to fill your space with the latest and most significant trends or lean towards traditional decor, these hues work seamlessly with various design options.

Fabrics You Want

We think zebra blinds are best considered as a blind because the fabric rolls up and down on a tube mounted above the window. It allows the transition between fog and privacy, which creates the zebra pattern. These blinds rise similarly to traditional tents, but if motorization is something you’re considering, we can help. You can find more information on motorized sunshades here.

Unlike a blind, which uses a single piece of solid fabric, a zebra fabric consists of alternating bands of semi-opaque and transparent that roll on the tube that rotates around each other. This idea is to turn the tapes slightly to align the sheer fabrics, thus allowing you to see out the window while offering daytime privacy and UV protection for your interior.

We have released significant collections for our unique zebra blinds. Your zebra blinds, which are expertly produced with handcraft details, will be made according to your exact dimensions for windows up to a sufficient width. If you are looking for a modern alternative, this could be the product that perfectly complements your space. When ordering blinds, consider how much light you want in the room when the blinds are pulled.

Light-filtered fabrics diffuse light gently while providing moderate privacy. When you look from the outside through closed blinds, you see blurry shapes but no details. Darker fabrics offer more light control, while lighter colours provide more illumination.

Materials are opaque or translucent. Colours may appear to change depending on the light source or intensity.

Zebra blinds fabrics let in some light but provide complete privacy when fully closed. When viewed from the outside, vague silhouettes are visible. Opaque material may appear different in colour as light conditions change, significantly darker colours. Regardless of the fabric type you choose, it’s wise to order the shades simultaneously to minimize variation in the dye lot, ensuring colour consistency.

Zebra Blinds: A Vivid and Seductive Touch

Forbidden to the more reserved and beloved by those who aren’t afraid to act more animally, you must carefully combine seductive blinds in black and white embracing curvy motifs with the house’s style. With stripes and solid wood stories, zebra blinds are the beautiful spot on it that softens the linearity of the shapes, giving contexts a seductive and carefree touch. Fun to play even in enchanted habitats, the criteria and carefully positioned zebra blinds are the most vital point you need to focus on to reintroduce a wild atmosphere that evokes a holiday at home.

When choosing blinds for your apartment, great attention must be paid to the type of fabric, as the quality and properties of the material affect the shine and feel perceived by those entering the room. Choose zebra blinds that best suit your aesthetic, but don’t forget to consider the texture and composition of the fabric. With their positive effect, zebra blinds give extra energy to the bedroom, but they should be placed very carefully and not overload the environment.

How to Buy Zebra Blinds Online?

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Are Zebra Blinds Good?

Zebra blinds allow you to adjust natural light levels by quickly pulling the chain. Zebra blinds are a great addition to your living room window over a standard roller blind.

Can You See Through Zebra Blinds At Night?

Zebra blinds with unique fabrics provide you with perfect privacy at night. However, these blinds may not fit narrow windows with different shapes.

Are Zebra Blinds Expensive?

In general, the cost of zebra blinds varies according to many factors but is much cheaper than conventional curtains.

Are Zebra Blinds Trendy?

Zebra blinds have a very on-trend look that would blend wonderfully with any modern interior. Their charming striped designs will delight your guests and add extra air to your rooms.

Can Air Pass Through Zebra Blinds?

Zebra blinds provide much more effective airflow and circulation environment. The fabric of this blind has open weaves and allows natural air to flow easily.