Blindly Trusting Your Blinds?

Make Sure They’re Durable and Reliable

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What type of blinds are most durable? Under normal usage conditions, good quality made to measure blinds of any type should last for well over a decade under normal/appropriate usage conditions and when operated correctly. Readymade ones will be far less durable in general. The whole “normal/appropriate usage conditions and when operated correctly” thing might seem like a no-brainer, but it is worth mentioning for context that if you use the wrong blind for the conditions it will face, it won’t last as long as it should and may well stop working properly before you’d reasonably expect it to.

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This sort of issue mainly pertains to using blinds made of the wrong fabric in humid or moist environments, or those that may bring them into contact with water, i.e., in kitchens and bathrooms. Waterproof blinds are essential for rooms like these, and if you use non-waterproof blinds in such environments, they are apt to be exiting the pitch and taking an early bath (see what I did there) far faster than they would if used in the appropriate environment. You should never have to be overly delicate about how you handle the controls of your blind, but nor would you expect them to live a long and happy life if you were needlessly rough with them either.

Another point to note is that blinds of all types last for much longer if you clean them regularly, which takes less than a minute in most cases, and just requires dusting them off and operating them every week or so if they’re otherwise left in situ so that the mechanisms don’t get stiff or furred with dust. Also, any type of made-to-measure blind should realistically go at least eight years before showing signs of wear, and at least ten before it may begin to develop functional issues. Most blinds will exceed these figures by quite a ways, which in many cases, moots the whole “what type of blinds are most durable” question entirely, as you’ll quite possibly have got bored of them and redecorated long before they actually begin to fail


It is important to note that the durability of blinds depends on materials, workmanship, and manufacturer. When choosing blinds, it is key to choose a reputable manufacturer that prioritizes quality.

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