Made To Measure Blinds

Made to measure blinds have become a trend lately. There are many areas of application and use for blinds. They’re a good choice wherever there is a view to the outside.

Top Quality Made To Measure Blinds

Do you want pleasant lighting conditions and reliable privacy protection? Are you looking for a product that is easy to use and highly efficient? Then you’ve come to the right place!

The significant advantages of our cheap made to measure blinds undoubtedly include a high level of quality, simple assembly and simple operation. You save yourself the trip to the retailer by configuring and simply ordering via our online shop. We conveniently deliver the requested quality products right to your front door at a great price.

Made To Measure Blinds: Brand Quality from Zebra Blinds

Most blinds made to measure are operated daily. As you regularly raise or lower the curtain and adjust the slat openings with a rotating rod, the materials enter a state of constant mechanical stress.

Accordingly, sun protection should be as robust as possible, and you should choose only modern manufacturing processes and high-quality materials. Be it made to measure roller blinds, double roller blinds, curtains, pleated blinds or insect screens- at Zebra Blinds; we always rely on proven brand quality at the best price!

Advantages of Made To Measure Blinds

Compared to curtains and drapes, made-to-measure blinds are characterized by their space-saving attachment, making a room appear larger. However, from an aesthetic point of view, they give living areas a more clearly defined structure and order.

This sun protection doesn’t drag across the floor but fulfils its purpose exactly where it’s needed.

Another significant advantage is, of course, that blinds can be easily and remarkably quickly cleaned of dust with a cloth or frond. For people who are allergic to house dust mites, blinds are often the first choice among window decorations.

Blinds Made To Measure: Simple and Flexible Operation

Another advantage of these blinds is their flexible operation, which is relatively easy. Use the pull cord to adjust the height of the sun protection. The difference between Venetian blinds made to measure and other types of sun protection: You can also change the slats’ position or angle of inclination using a rotating rod. Raised blinds or fully open slats let in maximum light, while closed slats provide maximum protection from the sun and privacy. Of course, you can also choose intermediate levels.

Tip for Made To Meassure Blinds

If the sun enters from above at a substantial angle of incidence, it’s advisable not to fold the slats down smoothly, as in this case, light can still get through, and glare effects also persist.

Instead, turn the slats up in the reverse direction. In this way, disruptive light entry and mirror effects stop immediately.

Made To Measure Venetian Blinds: The Types of Installation

You can also choose different types of blind assembly in our shop. In addition to the classic wall and ceiling installation above the window opening, you can also install it in the glazing bead, window niche or directly on the window sash.

If you want to do without drilling entirely, for example, because you live in a rented apartment where landlords don’t like to see boreholes on the window, you can, as with our pleated blinds without drilling, also opt for a clamp mounting on our blinds window sash decide.

General installation tip: When installing the window sash, ensure that the window handle is always freely accessible. When you pull the blind up, the slat pack that you push together will not prevent the window from opening.

If you have different window sizes or exceptional needs, our custom made blinds will be the perfect solution for you. Now it’s easy to order made to measure in all styles, from Roman to Venetian and vertical. For such requests, you can immediately buy made to measure blinds from our UK store or online store.

You can view our models here:

Frequently asked questions about Blinds

Cleaning made to measure blinds is relatively easy. They don’t tend to get dirty remarkably quickly. Despite everything, you will not be able to avoid cleaning the blinds a little more thoroughly after a specific time. If you plan to clean the blinds intensively, we recommend a so-called blind brush. With their help, you can wash several slats from dust and dirt simultaneously.

Before you order your blinds from our online shop, you must take an accurate measurement of your windows and doors. Make sure that the width of the blind isn’t too narrow, but rather that it completely covers the window pane. On top of that, the slats must be far enough away from the window handle so that you don’t constantly hit the blind when opening and closing the window. Otherwise, the slats could break at some point, and the blinds would lose their attractive appearance. During our live consultation, you are welcome to ask how exactly you determine the size of the blinds. We will also email you additional tips to help you choose the right size for your order.

Typically you can run the blinds traditionally with a drawstring and therefore raise or lower them. The inclination of the slats can be adjusted using a turning bar. This allows the light transmission of the blind to be changed. A pendulum safety device via a cord tensioning on both sides prevents the blind from swinging away from the window if, for example, the window tilt.

Made to measure blinds are only custom-made types of blinds. This means that you send us your measurements, and we’ll tailor your preferred blinds to the size that fits you.

Made to measure blinds cost can vary based on many factors. At Zebra Blinds, we give the best prices due to our customers’ importance. You can also look at our easy measurement guide to help you determine your exact size before purchasing our products and evaluate our free sample offer!