Window Blinds

Window blinds conceal the view of the interior of the house. You can install it in sheer fabric, bamboo or aluminium on windows and French windows.

Window roller blinds are made of different materials. These models appreciate their blackout power and their ability to filter the light. The material used for its manufacture and its density determine its use.

Window Blinds Models

Blackout models are great for maintaining the privacy and preventing UV rays from heating the room (especially in the summer). They’re easy to maintain, as you can wash them in water. For some models, a simple rinse in the shower is sufficient. The vertical models are designed with PVC-coated fibreglass yarn. Different filter frames are possible.

Some models have an aluminized face to reflect light and send it outwards. The wooden models seduce by their natural side. They bring a zen atmosphere to the room. Window roller blinds also differ in their system. The permanent tension spring model is the most basic. The model equipped with a spring regulation system offers the user the possibility of stopping it at the desired height. It is also possible to regulate the speed at which the canvas rolls up.

Window Blinds Installation

A few tips help install this accessory. You can fix it directly to the casement of a window. Some models can instal without drilling. A guidance system allows the addition to be placed against the window when the latter opens.

It’s possible to fix it on the wall above the window or the ceiling. Installation on an offset bracket facilitates access to the handles.

Another possibility is to attach it to the window frame. In this case, it’s preferable to choose a model less comprehensive than 6 cm compared to the edge. Thus, the window blinds can be decorative and functional (obscuring the view, plunging the room into darkness, etc.). The installation of a remote-controlled motor optimizes comfort, especially for handling large models intended for bay windows.

Hide the Expansive Windows!

Sleek and trendy, the window roller blind is the most popular. Today, it can meet multiple demands and, in particular, equipping large windows.

Highly sought after for maximum light entry, these large openings require made to measure blinds. It will quickly meet your needs up to 4,75 m wide and 7 m high. Controlling from a remote control is also possible and even desirable. Motorized, it will be easy to use and remarkably comfortable over time.

A Darkening Window Blinds for the Night and Sifting for the Day

Every morning it’s the same problem. Awakened by the sun’s rays, are you looking for a practical, pretty and not too expensive solution?

You will choose blackout window blinds for the bedrooms to block the light and make it dark. Sifting materials are more suitable for the living room, kitchen, and other living rooms. There’re different qualities of more or less transparent fabrics to see outwards.

The Window Blinds are A Real Decorative Asset!

Beyond its efficiency, the window blinds remain a timeless classic. In addition to being very aesthetic, it matches all interior decorations and adapts to all styles. These blinds can guarantee a pleasant atmosphere in their internal, chic, and elegant windows.

Know you can install that window blinds in all house rooms: Bedrooms, living room, kitchen, veranda, bathroom. Depending on the tastes and the desired atmosphere, you will have to choose between bright colours, lighter shades, or patterns.

For more personalization, it’s entirely possible to choose a mechanism whose colour corresponds to the elements that make up your room. You will choose between five colours: White, brown, black, matt stainless steel and beige. These blinds are also renowned for being resistant and easy to maintain.

Cheap Window Blinds

Since you want your interior to be unique and different, to decorate according to your taste and personality, to make you feel at home, our collection of cheap window blinds offers a variety of colours and patterns that will delight you.

Timeless shades, bright primary colours, neutrals, and seasonal trends will fit perfectly into your décor, whether modern or classic. There is a fabric for every interior style. Our cheap window blinds can add understated elegance to your decor or be the centre of attention in your interior.

While natural light is necessary to add shine and warmth to your home, there are times when you want to reduce the brightness while creating a beautiful cocoon and cosy atmosphere. Window blinds allow you to filter or block out intense sunlight, offer optimal privacy management and create the ideal atmosphere for any room. They will enable you to turn your room into a calm and relaxing place after a tiring day.

Custom Window Blinds

Custom window blinds are the best known and most classic interior blinds. They have been trendy for years as they are stylish, practical and fit ideally in almost any room or window.

With a wide selection of blackout fabrics, custom made window blinds are a must-have item for the bedroom, giving you a great night’s sleep.

Curtains are generally more expensive than window blinds models. Window blinds are slightly cheaper but add a terrific aesthetic to your home.

Window blinds are a very modern alternative to many different models. Window blinds are a kind of shadows that provide an excellent transition between privacy and transparency.

Hanging your curtains on window blinds can add more elegance and depth to your windows. In general, it will be sufficient to turn the blinds alone. But in some cases, you may also need to add privacy with more light control.

They are extremely modern in style. They provide you with great visuals and complement the aesthetic form of your home. It is also straightforward to operate and maintain them.

In general, window blinds last for 5 to 10 years. But with careful maintenance, it should last for decades.