Custom Blinds

Rather than being simple openings and closings, like tools that protect an environment from atmospheric agents and unwanted intrusions, customise blinds are accessories that are also natural design objects that can enhance and define the character of a room or an entire building.

So what are the latest trends for custom blinds, and how is it possible to customise your home?

Latest Trends

The first way to make blinds genuinely personal is to select the material to fit the environment perfectly. Red blinds, for example, are particularly suitable if you want to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere and at the same time enjoy a durable product. More fundamental and durable blinds are lighter right for professional contexts.

According to the latest trends, the contrasting combinations between the colour of the customised blinds and the colour of the walls or floors work well, e.g. darkness, secondary lighting or vice versa.

However, when it comes to style, the best solution may be to choose uniform blinds relative to the floor, both with a classic taste and a modern taste.

Customised Roller Blind

Customised roller blinds are the perfect solution to define a house or a single room: In fact, all rooms don’t need to furnish with identical roller blinds.

You can choose many different roller blinds, decide the essence, and leave it natural. On the other hand, you also can customise them.

In fact, in addition to solid colours, it’s possible to apply various types of coatings to the structures of these roller blinds, such as glossy or opaque.

How To Choose the Right Colour for Customise Blinds?

You have plenty of options, precisely because the colours of the custom blinds are endless! However, you must be careful not to make mistakes in combinations. In short, everything should be harmonious; you should choose similar shades or contrasting shades between the blinds, frames and the wall. But in general, you should not select the dazzling ones.

In this case, you may need a tool like a perfect colour scheme. The colour chart shows the colour scale suitable for custom blinds and the scale of materials used for their realisation. The scale changes from beige to red, from amaranth to ultramarine blue, green and grey to black and white. In short, there is something for everyone!

Stylish and Affordable Custom Blinds

Our custom-made blinds will provide you with stylish, practical day and night coatings and will give your home a modern look.

Customise roller blinds that we produce exclusively at Zebra Blinds add a professional and cohesive look to create the perfect and sophisticated window covering for your office or home.

You should take a look at our extensive range of fabrics in Zebra Blind, screen, light distribution and sheer compositions. To complete your home style, you can choose between a carved, flat surface or a lower railing. However, never forget that all of our fabrics will adapt to the place you will install and environmental factors to a great extent.

We also did a lot of work for children. You can also choose from our safe and controlled operation models for children, spring-loaded operation or extremely easy-to-use motorised operation.

Our many different mounting brackets also allow you to connect and control up to three blinds on a single window. You can also check out our stand-alone racks that will enable you to connect two blinds side-by-side but control them all separately. At Zebra Blinds, we also offer you a free home measurement service or the opportunity to measure your windows.

Blocked Custom Blinds

Our range of customise rollers and a day night blinds offer a great window covering for complete control of heat and light. Thus, we provide you with privacy in your home both day and night. There are many different patterned, plain and textured fabrics available to complement your home. We also have coordinating fabrics for both curtains and blinds that allow you to conveniently coordinate materials for all parts of your home.

Zebra Blinds offers a variety of roller blinds, light-filtering and transparent fabrics to help you enjoy the view from your window comfortably, to help you control your light and privacy all day long in your home. You can choose between light blinds to allow light to reflect or slightly darker blinds to absorb heat. Our fabrics provide a great deal of UV protection for your furniture and upholstery.

Along with all this, double roller blinds (you can also call the day and night blinds) are two essential blinds that provide a convenient and functional window covering on a bracket. You can combine a light filtering roller and screen for your privacy at night, a soft filtering roller for daylight privacy and a quick view through your windows.

Excellent Features

At Zebra Blinds, custom blinds have great features and offer many benefits:

  • It fits perfectly for all your windows.
  • You have the possibility of double roller blinds together with a single.
  • It’s custom made.
  • There is hardware that can coordinate colours. Thus, you have the opportunity to choose fabric options along with a wide range of colours.
  • All custom blinds fully comply with all standards required for child safety.
  • There are cost-effective and highly stylish designs.
  • They equip with a silent and straightforward working principle.
  • They are ideally suited to the size of all the windows in your home.
  • You can take advantage of the guarantee.

Our entire product range includes many different types of blinds, with short delivery times, at highly discounted prices. While we guarantee that we will deliver our products, which we produce according to your wishes, to you in perfect condition, you will also need to take care of the blinds and operate them correctly.

Remember that all of our fabrics will fully adapt to your installation and environmental

Questions you wonder about Custom Blinds

Customised roller blinds are very simple to change and easy to cut to custom size.

Customised blinds are the most effective way to close your window. You can make them even more beautiful by adding additional materials to them.

Printed customised blinds are highly durable, effectively hung, and easy to maintain. They can present you with any image with ease.

You can easily paint customised roller blinds with acrylic or fabric paint.

Customised blinds don’t have to remain soft and original colours. You can easily decorate them with a new coat of paint.