Are you not satisfied with the current roller blind because the mechanism is still in good condition and you no longer like the fabric? No problem, simply change the roller blind fabric without changing the whole set. Why throw everything away and renew unnecessarily when you can heal?

We teach you how to paint old blinds or customize a very simple blind. We also offer an ethical fabric made from linen and recycled cotton for your custom made products.

Does Roller Blind Fabric Change?

The fabric used for roller blinds are fabrics that have passed through a special finishing oven and applied with plaster finishing. Finishing ensures that the fabric hardens and keeps it straight on the window. If you don’t follow the washing instructions while washing the rolled fabric, the fabric of the blind will deteriorate. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful while washing.

Roller blinds fabric also has the features of keeping dirt and no stains. Since it doesn’t hold dust, it’s ideal for homes with asthma and allergy sufferers. This type of blind is long-lasting, as the finishing process also prevents the fabric from lint. Roller blinds can also have a spring, chain and remote control mechanism. You can easily change the fabric as long as you do not break this mechanism.

If there’re stains on the fabric of the blind that doesn’t come off in any way, you can replace the blinds with a new fabric. You can easily change the fabric if you have the working principle of the mechanism. But if you don’t know about the mechanism, keep reading!

Changing the Roller Blind Fabric

The principle of roller blinds is that the fabrics are placed around a cylindrical axis. When you open and close the blind, the fabric wraps and unfolds. For the wrapping to go smoothly, the fabric must be very smooth, free of ornamental roughness (embroidery, beading, hemstitch or other), wrinkling effect (be careful with linen fabrics, especially loose), or material distortion.

To replace the fabric of an old blind, completely loosen the fabric of your old blind (you can recycle this fabric or do something else with it, for example, a creative entertainment workshop).

Separate the fabric from the tube. By following the criteria we have specified, you will be careful to buy a new jalousie fabric according to your taste. In other words, you should choose a fabric that is tight, smooth, flat, wraps well, doesn’t wrinkle, and doesn’t form bumps.

Use double-sided tape to attach your new fabric to the tube salvaged from the old blind. Remove one of the two protective layers of the adhesive. Flatten the glue (instead of the old fabric) well and stick it along the pipe. Trim excess glue sticking out of the tube and remove the top layer of adhesive. Gently place the edge of the new fabric there and make it smooth again.

The process is that simple. Your renewed roller blind is ready to be reattached to your window!