Roman blinds are now appreciated in offices and private homes because their aesthetics make the house more elegant. They need to combine according to the environment, and they screen adequately where there is a lot of light instead of creating a soft and collected climate in dark backgrounds without much shading.

They’re also trendy because they aren’t bulky compared to classical curtains and can be removed and washed. If you are afraid of tearing them apart because you think they’re too delicate for you, you are wrong; Now, it is easy to remove them as they have various parts. However, let’s see how to take down Roman blinds.

Roman Blinds Easiest Removal Methods

The fashion world has also invaded home furnishings, and upholstery fabrics are now fully adapting to new trends. In general, to disassemble Roman blinds, you must first have an excellent photographic memory on hand and, if possible, the instruction manual provided to us by the seller.

We can simply walk the path backwards, starting at the end of the instructions, and this time tear them apart. Then we open the blinds, beginning to untie small ones about one millimetre thick, wrapping each strip over the entire surface. At this point, we encounter the bar that acts as a counterweight and serves to turn the awning vertically and facilitates its movement.

Then we still need to remove the supports that support the load-bearing structure, which acts as a bar. These supports usually screw into the wooden part of the window frame or the box pane of the wired louvre. To remove the Roman blind apparatus, we have to remove the wood screws and dowels.

These blinds call bundles because the fabric fold upwards, and the advantages of this solution are prominent. Equipped with an efficient, light and functional mechanism, they furnish the house well and guarantee the passage of daylight. Usually, there is a stick fixed to the wall and not disassembled, the actual tent, which slides into a car, then slides off and washes appropriately.

At this point, you can easily remove the rod to which the blind is applied. By clearing the wall of Roman blinds, the window or balcony partition can clean while waiting for the washed blackout part of the blind to dry.

How to Clear Roman Blinds?

Homemade Roman blind cleaning methods are very effective. Just make sure you follow specific rules to get immensely satisfying results. You can use the following products:

  • Baking powder,
  • Sodium bicarbonate,
  • Aspirin,
  • Vinegar,
  • Salt,
  • Lemon juice,
  • Citric acid,
  • Flour.
Professionally Cleaning Window Blinds

Not all products on this list can clean heavily soiled blinds. Some work better, others worse- especially if the blinds are very yellow. Therefore, you need to clean the blinds very often to keep them in good condition.

Expulsion of Cordless Roman Blinds

Standard and cordless Roman blinds work distinctively, and consequently, the evacuation methodology will likewise be unique. The evacuation strategy of cordless Roman blind is like the expulsion of standard roller blinds.

  • By embedding a screwdriver into the section behind the headrail, discharge the rear of the headrail from the mounting areas.
  • Then, the posterior of the headrail must be brought down away from the sections.
  • The headrail should be lifted up and afterwards taken off from the front of the sections.
  • Then, eliminate the screws and the mounting sections. Assuming that you are removing the blinds for cleaning, you need not take the cells out.

Place the shades back to the windows cautiously once your Roman blinds have clean well.