Blinds are incredibly practical and compact window curtains. In addition, in some cases, it will be much more financially advantageous than traditional fabric canvases, for which you can slightly overestimate the cost. But sometimes, it becomes necessary to remove them, clean, wash or change the interior composition.

Therefore, to remove this decorative object without harm, you should familiarize yourself with the specific instructions for using them.

Ways to Remove Metal Brackets from a Window to Wash Blinds

Of course, you can’t always hang the blinds the way you mount them. Many cases may be a good reason for you to remove them.

For example, the appearance of heavy pollution that you cannot remove, but since there are quite a few types of structures, you should adapt the disassembly approach to each type. Let’s consider in more detail how to remove a particular model of slats and some aspects of washing them:

Vertical Brackets

Removing vertical blinds is quite simple because regardless of what material they are made of (cloth or plastic), you can still fix them according to the principle of the blind. So you can hang and move it along the grooves.

All blind bars are equipped with stoppers on the sides, making it easy for you to remove ordinary curtains and vertical blinds. You need to remove the plugs and carefully remove each element, carefully twisting it. But everything isn’t so simple; there’re still some nuances that you need to observe:

  • Before removing the louvres, you must open the louvres so that the window appears open and level.
  • The next step will be to pull the chain and plastic weights located at the bottom of the slats. It is necessary to twist these elements carefully so that the chains don’t become tangled or torn when you hang them again.
  • After that, you need to carefully remove the slats from the eaves, remove the fastening element and roll the products into a roll. If necessary, you can wash it, following the appropriate rules.
  • When removing the latches, you should remember that it will be necessary to bend them slightly without extra effort not to damage the plastic buckle.

Horizontal Brackets

Horizontally blinds have become very popular in offices and ordinary city apartments. That is why the question of own movement has become so relevant. The characteristics of their detachments will be slightly different since their design is completely different from the previous version.

For example, horizontal brackets don’t hang from the eaves, but you can fix them with a special lock. You will need to remove it from the bracket, which you can easily open with a screwdriver or a special tool.

You can mount all horizontal slats, whether wood, plastic or aluminium, onto a top plate that you need to remove by moving the top and back walls. It would be best also to mount the strap to the metal clamps. It is better to use tools not to injure your fingers and nails. If you fix the horizontal blinds in another way, another variant of their release may be required. It will be necessary to unscrew the bolts using a screwdriver and remove the drawing from the mounting brackets. If the construction is long, it is better to seek help, as it will be quite difficult to keep it alone.

Remove the Fringes

Since there is only a groove in the vertical blinds and not a bar or fasteners, the removal problem may arise only in some cases. If you follow the instructions, the process will not cause many difficulties.

The recesses are in varying amounts, two or more in pegs along its length. From the side of the room, you can hardly detect these locks. But from the cornice side, a significant part of the plate is visible. You will need to fully press the protruding part with some effort to remove the grooves. The detail will separate from the fringes and break off. In this case, it will hang on the ceiling, and the cornice will come out freely.

If the short cornice has two extreme attachments, you need to remove them, holding the edges with one hand.

A slightly different principle applies for longer curtain rods with many fasteners: The latches should be loosened and move from the edge alternately from both sides to the centre point. It is better not to remove a long cornice alone, as it may be necessary to keep the product separately.