In this guide, we explain how to assemble curtain pole to allow you to carry out the operation with a simple do-it-yourself. However, you must be very careful because it’s a series of phases full of possible stumbles, which many underestimate. Although the installation of a curtain pole may seem simple, it is straightforward to make a mistake that can then prove decisive.

Since your purpose is to make a clean and as precise operation as possible, you must always start avoiding underestimating the matter. Even if these phrases don’t involve a lot of effort from a technical point of view, it’s essential to be attentive to the measures and those details that can make the difference. Consequently, all you have to do is read this guide and find out how to assemble a curtain pole.

How To Choose Curtain Pole?

First, you need to choose a curtain pole that can prove a good fit for your situation. If you’re reading this guide, likely, you have already purchased this type of product, but you may encounter some problems. Specifically, you may have bought a stick of a longer length. However, this isn’t necessarily a problem; a too-long post could be out of tune from an aesthetic point of view or even hit any shelves or other furnishing accessories.

In both cases, it will be better to cut the excess section, which isn’t always easy, as in the case of aluminium sticks. The first tip is to buy a cane that is already of a suitable length for your situation. If you need to cut it, first make sure you have calculated the measurements correctly because then you won’t be able to go back. We suggest you start from the length of the window and add another 50 cm. The extra centimetres, which must be identical on each side, will allow you to better fix it to the roof or walls.

How To Assemble Curtain Poles?

Now that you have the perfect pole for your situation at your disposal, you can finally grab the tools and start assembling them. You constantly begin by identifying the two anchoring points. Here it would be best if you made a vital premise; you may need to install the pole by providing the two anchoring points on the two walls, or you could mount it in suspension, anchoring it to the hooks on the ceiling. These are two different choices, which always depend on your specific needs. Before making a decision, however, you have to be very careful about the measures to prevent the curtain from falling crooked.

Accurate Measurement

One way to proceed is to precisely measure the centimetres that distance the ceiling from the bar to identify the anchoring points to the walls accurately. This isn’t a professional method because there is always the possibility that minor inaccuracies may emerge. We can assure you that when you set up the tent, these inaccuracies will surface and cause it to fall asymmetrically. To avoid any inaccuracies or burrs, taking these measurements using a spirit level is always best.

Be Careful!

There is another essential element to precisely define these anchoring measures, and this time it depends on the length of the curtain. You must fix the two points so that it can fall without then crawling on the ground, so you must also take its measurements. Alternatively, you could give it to a tailor. When you are sure of the accuracy of your calculations, you can take the drill and start drilling the holes on the two walls to fix the support brackets.

Also, in this case, we are talking about a phase that isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to installing the stick in a masonry niche or a confined space. To install it correctly and without too many problems, the bar must have an extra number of centimetres such that it can be inserted first on one side and then on the other.

Furthermore, it’s advisable to provide a distance of at least five centimetres from the roof, to facilitate this operation even more. Consider that you must do all this, bearing in mind that you’re on a ladder and that your safety also depends on its stability. So only do this using a quality ladder and possibly with rubber pads at the base to prevent it from slipping when you move.

You will have to mount all the other elements that are part of the tent, such as the rings, using a screwdriver. It’s very complicated to guide you step by step because the components change according to the type of pole you have purchased; think of the double-track model. Once the tent is also fixed, you will finally have completed the operations relating to the assembly of the pole.


How Do You Hang A Curtain Pole?

Mark the desired height to place the post, measure and drill with the drill bit. Thus, you can quickly identify the pole.

How High Do You Put A Curtain Pole Above the Window?

The main rule is that your curtains should hang a few inches above the window perimeter. Therefore, fit your curtain rods accordingly. Hanging the curtain rod slightly higher will make your window appear much taller.

Can You Put Up A Curtain Pole Without A Drill?

The most important thing you need to do for this hangs a hook on both parts of your window. If you want to open and dress your curtains frequently, you will most likely want to fix the rod to the hooks somehow.

How Much Should A Curtain Pole Overhang?

For a classic window, we recommend that your posts hang a minimum of 15-16 cm from each side across the width of your window. Accordingly, you should re-measure your post.

Do You Need A Wooden Batten For A Curtain Pole?

Generally, you won’t need slats if you’re an experienced plumber who has the right parts, like quality fabric, and uses a solid post.