Day and Night Blinds Reviews

The most crucial advantage of the day and night blinds is that they can regulate the degree of darkening of the room, from the light shade of sunlight to the darkening of the room. For example, if we want to read a book, work at the computer, or watch TV without staying in a dark room, we can diffuse the light. This is a convenient solution, especially if you consider changes in the amount of sunlight in separate rooms of apartments or houses. You can freely adjust the light levels on hot sunny days.

Day and night blinds make with unique fabric-covered strips arranged alternately with different light capacities. With the help of a simple mechanism (a chain of beads), we move them up and down, thereby increasing or decreasing the intensity of the light.

When writing about day and night blinds, one should not forget their unique aesthetic that combines elegant form with functionality. The rich colour palette makes it easy to connect them with interior design and thus suit our tastes. Day and night blinds require meticulous preparation and twice the amount of material, which fundamentally affects the price. Their advantage is the regulation of sunlight in the rooms, and their use means that we don’t have to stay in a space that is neither too dark nor too bright. The transverse strips, which allow us to adjust the room’s insulation freely, must be carefully measured and carefully combined; moreover, it takes much more work to sew them with two layers of material.

I bought day and night blinds from Zebra Blinds. According to my observation, these blinds prevent the high outside temperature from entering the house while protecting your vision significantly. I just really liked this feature. Because of this, day and night blinds are definitely great for the summer months!

Linda Barbara

The day and night blinds I purchased from Zebra Blinds in the past months have worked effectively with all the windows in my house. It’s really stylish, and I recommend it to everyone.

Emily Byrne

I’ve heard that day and night blinds have many problems. However, I contacted Zebra Blinds and got detailed information about the product. Thus, I bought the blinds ready and never got tired during the installation phase. Aesthetically it’s excellent too. Contact Zebra Blinds if you’re planning a renovation or interior decoration.

Jessica Evans

I recently purchased day and night blinds from Zebra Blinds. Firstly, day and night blinds consist of clear strips and blackout strips. I regulated the amount of sunlight entering my room by moving the layers of fabric. You can also adjust by lowering or raising the blind.

Olivia Brown

I bought the day and night blinds product recommended by Zebra Blinds. I never regret it. Day and night blinds are definitely suitable for large windows. That’s why I use it for the balcony window. These blinds hang freely, so there are no wrinkles on their surface, and they’re always perfectly smooth.

Charlotte Wilson