Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds consist of an upper track to which, using special hooks, strips of fabric are attached. Then there are two commands: One is used to move the blades from right to left and vice versa, while the other is used to orient them.

Vertical Blinds Features

The vertical blind system offers total control of light entry thanks to the movement of the slats and their rotation up to 180º.

Able to provide the right atmosphere at all times, the vertical blinds stands out for its precise and versatile design that allows you to cover windows up to 6m wide and 6m high. Bandalux incorporates a sturdy counterweight as an option in the blinds that minimizes the movement caused by the wind and allows you to ignore the connecting element between the blades, namely the chain.

The vertical blinds also offers excellent adaptability to any space, including stairs, curved and inclined windows, eaves and unevenness thanks to its easily adaptable track. The vertical blind is the ideal system to have many shades of natural light in your home. We have a wide range of fabrics, decorative and technical, including the possibility of transforming the vertical blind into a total blackout system thanks to the opaque fabric slats.

Vertical blinds can be made with both filtering and blackout fabric, depending on whether the need is to shield the direct light in your rooms. Although vertical blinds are one of the major applications, this doesn’t exclude the fact that you can use them to cover the windows of homes, especially if they are significant. Indeed, lately, they have been ubiquitous in the projects of architects and interior designers.

How To Measure Vertical Blinds?

There are two types of installation for this type of blinds: Wall or ceiling; you will provide special supports depending on the choice. For detailed instructions on how to take the measurements, please read our guide on the product page or contact us; we will help you not to make mistakes!

What Distinguishes Vertical Blinds in Fabric?

Vertical blinds, unlike blackout blinds, protect from the sun’s rays, providing a soothing light diffusion effect. Thanks to the simple control mechanism, you can quickly change the angle of the slats and precisely adjust the amount of light entering the room.

You can change the direction of sunlight according to our preferences and the time of day. The exceptional lightweight makes the vertical blinds extremely easy to use and will successfully replace traditional blinds. In addition, it will provide us with privacy, creating comfortable conditions for rest.

What Does Vertical Blinds Do?

Vertical blinds are perfect for large glazed spaces, which appear and more often in current architectural projects. The possibility of choosing products with customized measures allows them to adapt to any window and French window quickly. These blinds are also often used as room dividers and even as doors. You can install the blinds not only in residential interiors, these blinds for offices, hotels, restaurants or clothing boutiques are also very popular.

Interior Vertical Blinds for Windows- An Easy Way To Create A Stylish Interior

Interior vertical blinds are a unique combination of exceptional functionality and a design appearance that impresses with their original and elegant character. Do you appreciate a minimalist solution and simplicity of form? Maybe you are a fan of sophisticated and elegant furnishings?

Regardless of your preferences, the wide range of designs, patterns and colours, you will surely choose the blinds of your dreams and quickly adapt them to any arrangement.

However vertical window blinds are an excellent choice for interior design inspired by the timeless retro style. Intense and saturated colours of bottle green, navy blue and burgundy will look beautiful in richly decorated art deco compositions. The indigo and anthracite colours will highlight the romantic character of the noir-style interior. Thermal vertical blinds will not disappoint in modern interior styles.

Shades of grey and mustard are an excellent choice for Scandinavian designs. They will harmoniously harmonize with other decorative elements, create a coherent and harmonious whole. If you want to decorate the window space on the terrace, choose a vertical blind in bright colours. It will brighten the interior and give it a cosy look.

How To Choose Vertical Blinds?

When buying cheap vertical blinds of your dreams, pay attention to the specificity and size of the window space and the planned assembly method. Suppose we intend to install these blinds inside a window niche.

In that case, it’s worth subtracting a few millimetres from the length of the recess: Thanks to this, we will leave enough space and be able to install the blinds easily. It’s also worth applying this principle to the screens’ length. So that they can hang freely on the floor; we should reduce this size by an appropriate amount.

The colour of vertical blinds is also noteworthy. It can significantly affect the appearance of the entire interior. Light stripes are an excellent choice for small, cramped rooms. They effectively stretch the interior and make it visually more spacious. Dark shades will work best in large spaces, giving them definition and a climate.

Vertical Blinds Advantages

Vertical blinds are easy to clean and can also be used in the rooms of allergy sufferers. Unlike curtains and drapes, vertical blinds don’t collect as much dust, don’t need washing, and simple maintenance is pleasant or doesn’t take much time. In addition, these blinds are easy to install and affordable:

  • Continuous adjustment of light and visibility
  • Shading of large window areas
  • Solid colours and coordinated designs
  • Wide choice of colours for individual combinations
  • Technique achievable in RAL colours

Frequently asked questions about Vertical Blinds

No way! Vertical blinds are highly functional, and on the contrary, they are becoming more and more trendy. These remain up to date as they use more modern style fabrics and materials.

Vertical blinds costs vary according to many factors. You can contact us immediately for the cheapest and campaign prices.

Vertical blinds, which are trending compared to many other product options, are highly economical. This is because of its aesthetic and straightforward design.

These are very easy to install. You can easily set it up in just a few minutes.

Yes, they are definitely very aesthetic. You can easily rotate them. So they give you more control than any louvre type can give you.