Day and Night Blinds

The day and night blinds, also known as strip or zebra day and night blinds, is window decoration that gives you additional control over the incidence of light in a room. Thanks to the alternation of transparent and solid strips, you decide how bright you are and how much you see from the outside.

You can also choose from a wide range of colours, controls, and fittings to make your day and night blind (with or without box) perfectly match your interior.

Essential Atmosphere with Day and Night Blinds


Whether you want to completely darken the room or bathe it in light, with the day night blinds, you determine the brightness and privacy of your room. They’re available in different colours, shades and fabrics and exude an atmosphere of modernity and elegance. So you will always find day and night roller blinds that fit your interior perfectly. You can also check out the day and night blinds reviews.


Get Ready for A Unique Experience!

In addition to the wide choice of colours and fabrics available to you, you can also opt for a control chain on the left or the right. In addition, the blinds are easy to care for because they’re polyester. With a damp cloth, you can clean them in the blink of an eye: They will look like new!

The white sifting day night blinds are ideal for a modern interior. The grey day and night roller blinds will be perfect in an industrial interior. Is your decor somewhat rustic? Take a look at our collection of beige day and night blinds.

Sieving Day and Night Blinds

If you don’t want to darken your room completely, day and night blinds are the perfect solution. With our dimming blinds, you can play with overlapping or sliding alternating strips of fabric to control the amount of incoming light.

Although the blind cannot completely block the light, you still maintain your privacy. The material is opaque enough to stop prying eyes. Ideal, therefore, for a window facing the street. Want to darken the room? In this case, use the day night blind so that the transparent and solid strips slide under each other to block out most light.

Optimal Colours with Day and Night Blinds

Choose the colour that best suits your interior for your dimming these blinds. Fabrics in neutral tones are easy to combine with different interior styles. For example, a beige duo blind will be perfect rustic, while white duo blinds will be sublime in a modern Scandinavian interior.

Do you want to make your windows a showy asset? Then opt for dark and solid colours and instead go for a grey day and night blind or a black blind. With the day and night roller blinds from Zebra Blinds, you can completely refresh your interior in no time at all.

Made To Measure Day and Night Blinds

To ensure that the dimensions of the blind you need are correct, have your interior blinds made to measure at zebra blinds. Measure the width of your frame. You must know exactly where you want to hang your blinds so that you can give us the correct dimensions; in the edge of your window or above? Please note that the measurements you provide to us are those of the product as a whole.

The fabric will be slightly narrower (about 3 cm) than the blind (mechanism included). You must therefore take this into account for an optimal result. You can also always look at our ready-to-install day night blinds with pre-defined standard dimensions.

Our day and night blind bands alternate between transparent and solid bands. Transparent strips are usually 5 cm high and stable strips 7.5 cm. You can thus partially darken a room by altering whether or not these two types of strips are superimposed. Otherwise, opt for a ready-to-install blind.

Questions you wonder about Day and Night Curtains

To determine the size of your blind, you must take precise measurements and take into account the handles and other protruding elements present on your opening. If you want to fix your blind on the window leaf, you must note the width and height of the window to be covered. If you have opted for ceiling or wall mounting, you must anticipate the size at which you want to place the mechanism from the ground.

This type of awning has several elements: A tube that wraps the awning fabric, mounting brackets, a weight bar positioned at the bottom of the material, which keeps it taut, and a cord to operate the awning efficiently. Installation with drilling is also straightforward. All you have to do is screw the two fixing brackets on the upper part of the blind.

The question of ‘how to clean day and night blinds’ is also frequently asked to us. To remove dust, use a vacuum cleaner with a soft, flexible bristle nozzle to not damage the fabric of the blind. It’s best to disassemble the curtain to remove the stains. Then you can wash the fabric part with soapy water and a soft brush. Be careful, however, not to immerse the technical aspects so as not to alter their operation. It’s also necessary to prohibit the use of too aggressive detergents, which could damage the fabric of your awning. You finish by letting the blind dry in the open air before fixing it again on the opening.

Many people also know day and night blinds as zebra day and night blinds because of the interchangeable fabric strips. Our day and night blinds in many different colour combinations, including white and black, offer a sophisticated design with great functionality.

The opaque fabric of day and night blinds with many colours is stacked on top of each other. You can quickly draw the entire window length for complete coverage, or you can half cover any fabric that can give off diffused light with a striped effect. This also provides the utmost flexibility regarding privacy needs and light control.